Your boss has just summoned you into her office. You've been awarded the title "Webmaster" for your company. She tells you it's a simple job, really, and that the last person who managed your Internet presence only spent "a couple hours a month" on it. There's only one problem: your knowledge of the Internet is limited to what you've seen in your web browser. Where should you start?

Well my friend, suddenly, your job just got easier.

Welcome to Quixote Internet Services & Consulting, Inc. QISC can be the only tool you need to go from "The Webmaster" to "The Webmeister!" From your initial forays into the Internet landscape to the complex intranet that your company needs to deploy in record time, QISC is there for you.

QISC can help your project from the planning phase to implementation to rollout to hosting. QISC has the staff to manage all of the complex pieces of technology behind your project to help ease you into your new job. Even when your boss tells you that this isn't a full-time job, we know what the truth is. The Internet is changing daily, and keeping up with the latest trends can be a daunting challenge. Fortunately for you, we at QISC keep up with those trends so that you don't have to.

Suddenly, your job just got easier.

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